Versatile design for offices,  coworking and open-air spaces where to work this summer

Versatile design for offices, coworking and open-air spaces where to work this summer

According to Matteo Ragni, designer in Milan who was awarded the Golden Compass twice, these are the changes in work areas: 

«Flexibility is the keyword: offices become multitasking and versatile spaces that perform multiple functions simultaneously. Private offices have become co-sharing spaces, the so-called coworking spaces. These are relationship accelerators and generate opportunities for exchange». «Designers’ attention is now focused on lounge and coffee-break areas that foster a more effective communication and make casual meetings easier».

The new work formulas have updated office furnishings and ask for creation of well-lit zones, dynamic spaces and stimulating environments, mainly designed to boost face-to-face exchanges and creativity.

Design of the office, or of the place chosen for remote work, has been completely overturned in recent years. Facilities that before hosted narrow and divided spaces with somber wall colors have now become open areas with a wealth of natural light, spaces with coverings featuring a dialogue between neutral colors and attractive designs, common areas and open-air zones.

It is now possible, designing spaces with gres porcelain tiles as interior covering and decoration, to give concrete form to work spaces for inspiration and greater productivity. The infinite possibilities offered by Epic Surface colors, whether for offices, coworking spaces or open-air zones where to work during these sunny summer days, remind us of large natural marble slabs and help us design modern, challenging and versatile places.

Office furnishings can be designed according to a variety of different styles. Offices stuffed with furniture, filing cabinets, partitions and complex decorations are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, rooms and coworking areas are places that emphasize teamwork, where well-lit interiors and coverings are enhanced by forms and designs that are able to stimulate creativity.

Open spaces to encourage creativity

Gres porcelain is perfectly suitable for different needs: this material is able to perfectly meet all the requirements of daily-occupied spaces, whether inside or in the open air.

Furnishings and structure of offices according to the new canons has increasingly grown in favor thanks to the positive results and well-being these transmit. Businesses and coworking places are not designed only for working. They are also places for relaxing and for convivial enjoyment. They, indeed, include areas for relaxation, gardens, zones and rooms with bar corner and multimedia equipment.

Architects and interior designers use gres porcelain both for these new design requirements and because it is a  material with a wealth of intrinsic qualities (scratch-resistant, waterproof, easy maintenance…).

Moreover, the infinite variety of natural textures offered by gres porcelain slabs puts no limits to creativity: the colors of our gres porcelain, which depart from the norm that often focuses on neutral, linear and uniform tones, make it possible to create original and happy  coworking spaces and work environments.

Thanks to the innovative colors, our exclusive and vivacious textures Blanche, Doret, Paonazzo or better yet Glacier are, for example, perfect for creating multifunctional and dynamic offices and  coworking spaces.

Moreover, large slabs make it possible to furnish interiors with interesting spectacular effects and minimal evidencing of gaps.

An extensive design and diverse functions offered by the spaces are increasingly used to design coworking spaces which are able to foster social contacts, where one can evade from work, to be used to organize professional meetings as well as relaxed gossip-sessions during coffee-breaks.

Three ways to furnish with gres porcelain 
Gres porcelain is a practical and safe material for daily-occupied interiors, to furnish work spaces with a modern and original style.


1. Floors and walls covered with large slabs always offer an original spectacular effect.


2. Gres porcelain tables and desks offer the possibility to create effects that combine uniformity with a wealth of strong patterns and play of colors in the room.


3. Gres porcelain kitchen or bathroom countertops highlight and decorate the elements in an unusual way, becoming the best compromise between health and esthetics.


It is now possible, thanks to the infinite possibilities offered by Epic Surface gres textures, to design modern and contemporary offices with a wealth of possibilities and complete in terms of versatility of use, safety and strength.