Coming soon: new colors coming to Epic

Coming soon: new colors coming to Epic

In exclusive preview, we present three brand new colors that will soon join the large family of Epic shades. Glamorous and elegant, they will win you over with their original style.


So is it a spoiler? Well yes!


But let's go into detail: Appia Gray, Nero Marquinia, Stone Noir are the new protagonists of this 2021. Colors that follow the trends of the sector with a touch of Made In Italy originality.

Appia Gray has all the facets and shades of gray: from light gray to the more “industrial” colors of anthracite shades. The texture has spots of different sizes, which create the dynamic effect of natural rock.


Nero Marquinia presents shades of dark tones with a network of veins designed with skilful craftsmanship.


Stone Noir takes us towards the deepest and most fascinating black, crossed by marked contrasting veins.


We can't wait to see these beautiful new colors in your living spaces, proud to always offer you new and original decorative solutions.


Stay tuned!