Which color of porcelain stoneware to choose?

Which color of porcelain stoneware to choose?

While natural stone is confirmed as a timeless material, beautiful to look at, rich in countless advantages and important properties, ceramic reserves an extraordinary variety of customization, thus proving to be a rich alternative.


In fact, for those who do not want to give up the characteristic effect of stone, and are at the same time looking for a practical material, the best solution is to move the choice towards a porcelain stoneware coating.
Floors, walls and ceilings made with this type of ceramic are, in fact, able to give an effect equal to the real material from which they are inspired: they perfectly reproduce the colors, the veins and the surface of the natural stone.

But, how to choose the best color?

Choosing the color of the porcelain stoneware slabs to be used in a private or professional environment is always a very delicate and complex activity, which requires the evaluation of various aspects.

What are the best texture solutions for flooring or cladding?
What characteristics distinguish the different colors?

The advantages of porcelain stoneware

Thanks to the yield, porcelain stoneware is a modern, versatile and very durable material.
This surface is both waterproof, therefore it does not deteriorate even after prolonged contact with liquids of all kinds, and easy to maintain, as cleaning does not require special precautions.

The use of this particular solution finds multiple uses in construction, both in the residential and commercial sectors. To meet the ever increasing demand, the most advanced technologies have made available to the public an increasingly wide range of textures, with increasingly varied stylistic solutions.

The colors of porcelain stoneware

The choice of the upholstery shade is a fundamental part of the furnishing of any space, whether private or professional.

Taking up the finest marbles, the porcelain stoneware textures offered are increasingly realistic and unthinkable, with aesthetic solutions suitable for every context and able to meet the needs of every style.

It is a material resistant to abrasion and wear that does not discolour and does not remain stained (generally it is guaranteed to last for at least 20 years). This allows you to make a decision on the texture even in the long term, without having to worry about any maintenance and changes over time.

So, which colors to choose and how to match each color to the right furniture?

The first thing to do in choosing a covering, floor or wall, is to take into account some elements: the size of the environment, the exposure, the style of the furnishings, the color of the other surfaces and, finally, also the ceiling height.

Clear coating

The choice of a light coating is often linked to the desire to create an elegant and modern environment.

This particular nuance helps to amplify the space: light floors are, in fact, an option to be preferred when you need to give more breath to interior spaces, especially if the square footage is limited.

The light shades give more light to the environment, providing the illusion of greater amplitude; they are excellent if the desire is to obtain an airy and light-filled environment.

Dark finish

Unlike light coatings, dark ones tend to reduce the size of the environment in which they are placed.

This small optical inconvenience is compensated by the strong visual impact.
The effect created by the dark-toned porcelain stoneware slabs, in fact, create strong-impact contrasts, giving strength and character to any environment.

With dark shades it is important to be daring: they are combined with a home with a strong personality and a strong character.


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