Spring Colours: 3 exclusive materials for furnishing your home

Spring Colours: 3 exclusive materials for furnishing your home

Spring brings with it a breath of fresh air and a desire for novelty. In the common imagination, this time of year is associated with rebirth accompanied by a feeling of change: the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and a set of bright colours takes over.


Leaving behind dreary days and dull colours, winter's static nature gives way to delicate colour accents and natural-looking shades.


Compared to a more collected season, spring demands greater use of outdoor spaces, durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, and resistance to scratches and temperatures...


Our ideas of our environments change and new needs take shape, experimenting with materials, colours, and shapes.


Eclectic, durable, and easy to maintain, stoneware is one of the materials that meet new demands.


Stoneware proves once again to be an excellent material for these changes. The structure from which it is composed is incredibly compact, making the material extremely functional and able to meet high technical requirements.


With the arrival of fine weather, the home is clothed in pastel shades reminiscent of the grace of dew-dappled flowers: neutral colours and saturated touches for a soft, harmonious style.


Stoneware colours for spring

Our porcelain stoneware slabs transform the home into a vibrant, welcoming space. From fresh and fast veining to vibrant hues, let's see which colours of our large slabs will be the stars of your home décor in this season of rebirth.


Glacier porcelain stoneware: colour palette and creative shapes

Vibrant colours and creative shapes characterise our Glacier texture. Enveloping shades of pink, ivory, grey, and black pervade the slabs which, together with the eclectic dynamism of the shapes, offer a perfect design for floors and walls.


Calacatta Supreme porcelain stoneware: an ever-contemporary classic

The colour in Calacatta Supreme porcelain stoneware recalls the brightness and elegance of the finest Italian marble. Striations in shades of grey give it a classic and refined touch. These special slabs are perfect for changing kitchen worktops, floors, or walls with a touch of aesthetics and resistance.


Paonazzo porcelain stoneware: a new touch of colour

The Paonazzo porcelain stoneware texture offers an explosion of unusual coloured veins that tell a fantasy of tones reminiscent of marble. Violet, bluish and reddish tones run through a neutral surface in shades of cream.


Epic Surface is dedicated to those who love contemporary design with a strong character. Add personality to any room with this excellent solution for floors and walls.



Our slabs represent a magnificent opportunity to change and create a new design for your home. Our collections tell the story of the conception, realisation, and marketing of special and exclusive ceramic slabs. We provide our customers with 20 different textures to meet various needs and stylistic requirements.


With Epic Surface, spring is not just a change of season but a transformation of your home. From the vibrant tones of Glacier to the elegance of Calacatta Supreme and the explosion of colour of Paonazzo, the Spring Collection offers unique and lasting solutions.


Personalise your spaces with porcelain stoneware slabs that combine style and functionality. Contact us to create a unique environment that reflects your spring style.