Kitchen Interior Design: 3 elements to consider when choosing between classic and modern

Kitchen Interior Design: 3 elements to consider when choosing between classic and modern

The kitchen is the heart of the home and, when building or renovating it, it is essential to choose the style that best reflects personal needs and tastes.


Selecting a more classic style over a more contemporary one depends on several factors. Materials, finishes, and colours are the three main elements to evaluate when building or renovating the kitchen space.


The most commonly used materials in the kitchen 

From the cosy atmosphere of classic kitchens to the practicality and minimalism of modern kitchens, materials play a key role in the design.


Classic kitchens tend to favour more natural materials, such as wood and stone, resulting in a warm and cosy atmosphere. In contrast, modern kitchens have gradually abandoned these solutions, turning their attention to materials such as metal and glass.


Favourite colours and finishes in the kitchen 

Colour plays a key role in all home design, and kitchen style is obviously no different.


While classic kitchens favour more neutral tones, modern kitchens embrace bolder colours.


In more traditional settings, warm, earthy pastel colours such as brown, beige, and green can be found. More modern, hi-tech open spaces can be divided into two macro strands: those that favour the use of iridescent colours, often placed in strong contrast to each other, and those that use only neutral, monochrome colours, such as white, black, and grey.


The kitchen details: backsplash and top

Whether for more traditional tastes or preferences towards the latest trends, the practicality of kitchen tops and backsplash cladding is the same.

What changes considerably, however, is the attention to detail and the strong need for efficiency.


Classic kitchens are characterised by ornamental details such as mouldings, carvings and wood finishes. Modern kitchens, on the other hand, are known for their storage and organisation of kitchen utensils.


A contemporary classic kitchen: ideas and suggestions for a design somewhere between modern and traditional

A new version of kitchen design, increasingly popular and increasingly adopted in domestic projects, is a version of the kitchen that makes classic and contemporary coexist.


The style of the contemporary classic kitchen combines the best elements of the two versions: traditional details coexist and finely dialogue with touches of modern design.


Choosing stoneware for your kitchen design

Whether the choice falls on a traditional kitchen or a more modern version, porcelain stoneware is an excellent ally.


In both cases this solution offers a versatile and practical option, always recreating the desired effect.


Thanks to the wide choice of colours and finishes, Made in Italy porcelain stoneware by Epic Surface allows you to personalise the design of your kitchen to the fullest.



Whether the choice falls on a classic or modern style or a mix of the two, the fundamental thing is the design of the space.


A well-designed kitchen in the balance between aesthetics and functionality, made to be extremely functional and multipurpose for different daily activities but also easy to clean, is the optimal choice.


Our stoneware slabs, resistant to shocks, scratches, and liquids with a high capacity for heat resistance, are perfectly suited to this style, guaranteeing durability and timeless style.


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