7 Tips for Home Renovation in 2024

7 Tips for Home Renovation in 2024

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we often find ourselves reflecting on the events of the past year and contemplating the possibilities of the upcoming one. The certainties of the past give way to the unknown curiosities of the future. The beginning of the year is known for bringing renewed energy and a strong desire for new adventures.


New Year's resolution lists vary, but some things remain constant. Certain items on the to-do list carry over from previous years, reflecting the desire to embark on new projects and find time for oneself.


To start the year on the right note and achieve at least some New Year's resolutions, it's essential to begin with certain foundations. Organizing your thoughts and having a secure and peaceful place to work on your goals and aspirations for 2024 are crucial starting points.


In recent years, we have increasingly valued personalizing our homes, creating welcoming and functional spaces. Small changes to the layout, furniture, and practical aspects add a fresh touch to the home, making the space versatile and energetic.


These changes are ideal for embracing the newness that comes with the new year.


What changes can be made in everyday spaces to focus energy and enthusiasm on 2024 resolutions?


Let's explore seven resolutions to make home environments vibrant places with sophisticated design. Elements, colors, and textures are crucial in conveying the right energy for realizing future projects.


7 Tips for Home Spaces in 2024 


The home must be both adaptable and eclectic to meet a wide range of needs while providing a safe haven for comfort and well-being.


1. Choose Sustainable Materials 

Environmental consciousness will be a key theme throughout 2024. Using sustainable materials to create new experiences in spaces aligns with all interior design demands. Both living and commercial spaces will benefit from flexible, low-impact, high-performance materials. The ecological, sustainable, and durable nature of stoneware makes it ideal for the challenges ahead.


Our textures can be applied to finishes, furniture, and wall coverings, becoming the focal point of a sustainable beauty narrative.


2. Reconnect with Nature 

Introducing plants into home environments will be an opportunity for moments of contentment in 2024. Caring for plants relieves stress and enhances relaxation. Combining materials with textural and natural tones creates a peaceful atmosphere, enriching the home space.


3. Organize the Kitchen Efficiently 

The kitchen, as the heart of the home, benefits from efficient organization. From the layout of the kitchen island to the pantry shape and utensil drawer sizes, there are always opportunities for small improvements. Choosing easy-to-clean and durable materials speeds up household chores while maintaining high levels of safety and hygiene. Stoneware slabs are quick to maintain, resistant to acids and heat, making them perfect for kitchen countertops and backsplashes.


4. Rethink Lighting 

Well-thought-out lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. Considering the color, intensity, and placement of lighting sources before purchasing lamps and bulbs is crucial. The reflection of light on materials helps alter the perception of space. Our stoneware slabs, available in natural and polished finishes, allow you to create the desired visual effect.


5. Experiment with Color Combinations 

Exploring new visual contrasts makes every room unique and offers a fresh perspective. Muted colors harmonize with textures rich in lines and movement, as well as elegant veining. Our porcelain stoneware slabs offer a variety of colors and textures, allowing for the realization of any design project.


6. Establish Continuity Between Interior and Exterior 

The home extends beyond its interior, and outdoor spaces are becoming havens for breaks from daily activities. Creating a space on the balcony, rooftop, or terrace for reading or enjoying tea can make a significant difference in organizing thoughts. Our porcelain tiles can be used outdoors, creating visual and emotional continuity between the two environments. Resistant to heat and foot traffic and waterproof, they are perfect for patios, terraces, and gardens.


7. Reinvent the Workspace 

Working from home is now a widespread reality. Redesigning the workspace for 2024 can include incorporating more natural light, an ergonomic chair, and a new desk. Choosing a countertop made of cool, waterproof, and scratch-resistant materials like porcelain stoneware promotes focus on productivity and creativity.



A new year calls for a renovated home. In 2024, stoneware is the ideal material to combine sustainability, functionality, and creativity, transforming the home into a place full of possibilities, warmth, and welcome. Download our porcelain slab catalog, complete with all our color offerings!