Classic is Modern: Epic® renews the concept of materials

Since antiquity, marble has been a symbol of purity and elegance, the undisputed star of art and architecture. Like Michelangelo’s statues or Canova’s fascinating work, which continue to move those who contemplate them, marble makes any project majestic and eternal.

Today, this material has been transformed into cutting-edge surfaces with impressive qualities, maintaining their allure and excitement over time. They’re the perfect option for decorating contemporary residential interiors with class and practicality.

Epic® offers the unique natural texture of marble in a special ceramic that’s easy to use in any space, both public or private, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom facings, or spacious walls and floors, creating an interplay of both imagination and style.

Epic® is known for its main qualities:

  • easy to maintain
  • scratch-resistant
  • waterproof
  • resistant against acids
  • impact resistant
  • fire resistant

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